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Pregnancy Scanning Process

scanning during milking Dairy herds are generally scanned during milking.

In rotary sheds and herringbones with long AI (artificial insemination) races this can be done at the same time as milking with very little effect and stress on cows.

In other situations this will vary depending on the facilities available.

In Beef herds scanning is done in a crush or race and depending on flow about 200 cows an hour can be scanned.

Although the equipment is portable and can be operated in any condition it is advantageous to have suitable working platforms in dairies, and shade when working in sunlight.

What to expect from results
For accurate aging of foetuses the optimum time frame is between 6 and 15 weeks post conception, the foetus at that stage can usually be aged within a week either side of conception. This is generally done by preg testing 6 weeks after completion of AI and then a recheck 6 weeks after the bull has been taken out of the herd. foetus at 11 wks gestation

Ideally preg testing the whole herd as there are usually several cows that reabsorb foetuses and may be in calf to a later joining.

This time frame is critical to drying off on joining dates,

If you have AI records and only require conformation of AI pregnancy, but require ageing of naturally mated animals, this can be done by a single preg test 6 weeks after bull is finished.

Preg testing after 16 weeks lessens the accuracy of ageing as the foetus can drop out of ultrasound range, but is still achievable to a lesser degree.

Larger cows can become very difficult to preg test so the earlier the better.

Animals with no detectable pregnancy or empty uterus are manually checked.

Numbers scanned per hour vary depending on information required, records that are available, and the facilities, generally 250 cows per hour if ageing, and 300 per hour for conformation of pregnancy.

If you have herd records of joining’s it is helpful to have these available, the more information, the more accurate the result.

Abnormalities such as early embryo mortality, pyometra, endometritis, and ovarian cysts are detectible in most cases and will be recorded.

The team at Just Cows endeavour to provide you with the most professional service and accurate results available in ultrasound pregnancy testing, your feed back on results and service is important to us.

Scanning Details - Accuracy

With an experienced operator, ultrasound pregnancy scanning can be exceptionally accurate.
Like many technician services, the more work done the more accurate the results. That will require scanning thousands of cows every year.

Having a live visual image of the reproductive tract is more reliable than manually feeling by hand.

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